How to make your English strong ?


If you have lots of time then start with English Grammar .

My perception about English Language is that ENGLISH IS A FUNNY LANGUAGE , by funny I mean its really different from FRENCH, GERMAN, URDUHINDI and maybe many more.


Because in English language you’ll rarely find a grammatical gender which is quite opposite to French Language, this property of English Language may or may not go in your favour, depending on traits in common with your native language.

Anyhow a person with basic understanding of English language, who is here to know about or to improve his score in IELTS , must improve his Grammar and make it as strong as you can because it surely will help you in understanding English better.

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4 Responses to How to make your English strong ?

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  2. Hi i am umang frm Nepal nd i really want 2 improve. What 2 do? Help help nd help.

    • Shak says:

      Hi Umang,

      If you have some extra time with you start by polishing your native language (Esp. Grammar and Vocabulary).
      Reason: Strong native language results in better adaptation of foreign languages.
      But if you want to take a faster route then do the following:
      1- Watch English Dramas / News / Commentary . ( Carefully listen and copy the dialogues and repeat them as they were delivered by the speaker ).
      2- Read novels, newspapers and especially magazines.
      3- Write at least one page on any topic. (Writing on daily basis improves your grammar and vocabulary to much extent).
      4- Listen to songs, but always verify (what ever song you listen) with its lyrics.

      There are other ways also but afore mentioned ones are interactive so they will not bore you while learning or improving your English.

      Thanks and Regards

    • UMESH says:


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